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You shall not know meh name -3-
Paths have a funny way of crossing, my friends...
I was hoping that when I sat down to type this out, I'd be able to form the words I needed, but I find that probably isn't going to happen. I'll do my best, so bear with me! :) (Skip to the end if you don't care to hear about why I've been absent. I won't take offense! It's a lot of reading and a lot of you just got out of school lol)

I haven't been logged on here in nearly a year. Whoops! I promised I would be back and do more awesome stuff, but I'm afraid those promises will have to fall short. So much has happened in the past almost-year that I won't be able to tell you without writing a book, so I'll do my best to sum it all up in a few sentences that probably won't give enough detail. Oh well! :shrug:

:bulletred: Since I last logged in, I have gone through my final year of high school and am now graduated! I'm on to bigger and better things! Tomorrow I start college and will major in Digital Gaming and Media Design in a few years. I'm very excited, and nothing will stop me from accomplishing my goals. I'm still passionate about animation and all it's beautiful forms, and I strive to make it into that field.

:bulletorange: I know you guys haven't known me as very religious, but I actually am. More so now than perhaps a year ago, actually. I have full faith that I will go where I need to be, even if I don't know where that is, and with God by my side, I take each step with confidence.

:bulletyellow: Senior year was just…wow. The people I met, the journey I took, the things I've done…I've won three more awards at the Scholastic Art awards, one of which went to nationals in New York, and I took a video game programming and design class called Digipen at a trade-school type program for high school students. Let me tell you, it was the BEST class ever. I loved each and every person in there, my teacher Jim, the projects we did, the stuff I learned…Hell, even the math was fun! If there is anything I'm going to miss about high school, it's going to be all those lovable geeks and nerds that made every day worth waking up to.

:bulletgreen: My graduation present was a new tablet. Intuous 4, baby! I love her so much. C: Still no name, but I've already made some cool stuff. This will help me in many ways and will be a vital tool in my learning!

:bulletblue: On another note, I'm going to be helping with a table in Artist Alley at Aki Con in October, 2012. Kori, Magen, and I are sharing it with a wonderful artist named Marina for three days. We'll be selling all sorts of things, like art prints to hand made figures to dresses and much more. If you're in the Bellevue area, come check us out and all the other cool stuff that will be there, too!

:bulletpurple: While there have been many funs and games, there have also been some misfortunes that I've had to work through…
Like losing my house. Dad lost his job, and we just couldn't pay the bills any more. Just as high school was coming to an end and all my college stuff had to be taken care of, everything stopped and I faced eviction. This meant no college for me, and it came down to an emergency plan that involved me moving in with a friend. That plan went out the window due to unforeseen circumstances, and I had no choice but to move back in with Mom. I love my mom, but her place is hard to manage while staying sane. (Tenshi? Sane? Pffffft) It is a miracle I'm able to go to college with all the crap I've been putting up with, but with my dad's help it has been possible. I love you, Daddy! :heart:

:bulletpink: Along with that, there has been an incredible amount of family drama. Almost more so than when my parents got divorced. Things have been so up in the air and sketchy that it is making the people I live with kind of scared. They won't admit it, but its obvious. People who are scared do stupid things, and…I'm not going to go into the details since a lot of it is very private, but I think you get the picture. I'm not directly involved in any way, don't worry. I'm sort of along for the ride until I can find a way to move out.

Ummmmm I think that's all the major stuff. :XD: I kept thinking "I've got to get back to all those awesome people I unintentionally stopped talking to" but I never really got around to it until now.

I told you awhile ago that I'm leaving dA as Tenshi, and now that's finally happening. We've had some awesome times, I've shared cool stuff with you and vise versa, but it's time for me to go…(I PROMISED I WOULDN'T CRY *sniff*) There are so many things I wanted to do that I didn't get the chance, but oh well. I try not to have regrets with everything I do so I apologize to those that I promised stuff to, I will never get to do it. I hope you understand, and I'm sure you guys will because you're awesome like that.

I even drew a last picture for you all, but it got lost in storage when I lost my house. I'll see what I can do about recreating it maybe…if I can get the time. ^^;

Over the years, Tenshi has become something a lot more than just a persona to represent me online. She's gotten her own unique character, and for that, she'll always be in my heart. (Which means you guys will be to, because you all helped create her just as much as me, if not more.) You guys have affected me more than you will ever know, and I know I've inspired some amazing people as well. You have no idea what it means to me to know that all the stupid stuff I do actually did something for someone out there! So I wrote this sappy thing to sum it all up:

A character will always live on.
They exist forever in our minds, and our hearts.
They carry out our fantasies.
They take from us what they can't make on their own.
We take from them what we can't from ourselves.

The years have been short and our fun has been long.
Now it is time to say farewell, but I won't say goodbye.
You are a part of me just as I was once a part of you.
Now I live on, and inside of me, so do you.

I have grown far from our path.
You will forever be in mine.

Always with me, always with you.

Signing off,
- Tenshi
(P.S. Mushrooms ate my socks. ;A;)

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o3o happy easter
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Tenshiketsueki1000, I hope that wherever you are, you will find great happiness and success. I'm an old fan of yours from many years ago and it's nice to go back down memory lane from one of my greatest inspirations. I don't have much to say really. Paths have a funny way of crossing, and I'm glad ours (albeit a minor one over an internet art site) were able to. 
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Happy Birthday.
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I miss you tenshi ;~; 

Good luck with whatever you choose to do in live 

Wish someday you think "Oh, lets look at the DA comments" <.<;
ValentineClementine Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
Still miss you!
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You're still remembered, even today. Hope to see you and your art again someday.
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Happy Belated Birthday Tenshi!
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Happy Birthday!
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